TransMasc Folxs & Stigmas (1000 x 500 px)

EndHIV901 Technical Assistance Training – TransMasc Folx & Stigma

Define the differences between Trans Men and TransMasc. Exploring the gender nonconforming community and the everyday life they face while living within societal norms.

We will investigate the stigmas facing the community and those affected by HIV/AIDS. The risk factors that led them to be exposed and diagnosed. We can explore our own biases and best practices to address those within this ever-expanding community.

This Technical Assistance Training is presented by Mar Newell (they/them/he), Chief Information Officer for Mid-South Trans-Nation.

End HIV 901 is a collaborative effort intended to lower Shelby County, Tennessee’s new HIV infection rates to zero new infections by 2030. See the End HIV 901 plan, find resources for HIV testing and care, and much more on our website:

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