Provide access to PrEP to high-risk individuals to keep them HIV negative

Pillar: Prevent
Goal: Improve access to care and improve treatment for 75% of PWH by 2025.
Strategy: Provide access to PrEP to high-risk individuals to keep them HIV negative.
Target: High-risk individuals

Key Activities:

High Priority and Disruptively Innovative

  1. Develop high-risk assessment tool such as a questionnaire, survey, or billboard to help people to identify their high-risk behaviors. Use the tool to encourage individuals to seek treatment.
  2. Advertise PrEP in “hook-up” apps in pop-up ads and in social media apps.
  3. Advertise PrEP on billboards in high-visibility areas for high-risk individuals.
  4. Develop slogans.
  5. Create a questionnaire/assessment to assess the client’s history of trauma so that they can receive “trauma-informed care”; the assessment is to be completed by all individuals (e.g., case managers) who have contact with patients for HIV care and PrEP.
  6. Use case managers for clients receiving PrEP to help guide the process, help with challenges, and remind clients about tests and medication.
  7. PrEP navigators will help clients to access coverage in their insurance policies.

Key Partners

Accredited universities/colleges social work departments (including LeMoyne Owen College), All agencies that fund PrEP Navigator, All mental & behavioral health agencies, All providers of PrEP, Baptist School of Nursing, Cherokee Health, Christ Community, Gilead, Health insurance agencies , Memphis Health Center, SCHD, Spirit Health, Syringe providers, The Corner

Potential Funding Sources

  • Gilead Sciences
  • TDH
  • Health insurance agencies
  • HRSA

Estimated Funding Allocation

  • Advertisement- $10,000
  • Development of Resource Tool: $5,000

Total: $15,000


(Reported annually, locally monitored more frequently)

  • # of completed questionnaire and results
  • # of Social media campaigns for PrEP and HIV prevention

Monitoring Data Source

  • Tennessee Department of Health
  • Shelby County Health Department
  • Agency Social Work Departments