Increase number of opportunities for roundtable discussions held in neutral community spaces with communities most affected by HIV

Pillar: Respond
Goal: Achieve a more coordinated response to HIV epidemic.
Strategy: Increase number of opportunities for roundtable discussions held in neutral community spaces with communities most affected by HIV.
Target: African American LGBTQ, Latinx LGBTQ, MSMs, Youth & young adults 13–34 who are sexually active

Key Activities:

High Priority and Disruptively Innovative

  1. Identify communities most affected by HIV.
  2. Engage leaders in the LBGTQIA+ community to assist in identifying neutral spaces for the community to engage in information sharing and discussions.
  3. Identify individuals willing to participate in a cohort to discuss HIV in the LBGTQIA+ community.
  4. Involve local officials (county and city commissioners, etc.) to educate them and engage their support. (This is different from a previously mentioned activity. This activity is different in that it asks officials to come to LBGTQIA+ spaces.)
  5. Enlist trusted community leaders and stakeholders to help engage community members and spotlight public health needs.
  6. Hold meetings in community centers and offices of community-based organizations (and not churches) to engage a wider audience.
  7. Partner with HIV-affiliated agencies to have cohort representatives facilitate planning and development.
    o Engage nurses, clinicians, doctors, etc., to present information.
  8. Provide opportunities for roundtable discussions about stigma, transmission, and care with those infected and affected by HIV.
  9. Develop web page for list of facilities and services in Memphis w/links to partners and facilities, etc.

Key Partners

City community centers, Coalition for the Homeless, Colleges/universities – faculty and student groups, Community-based organizations, Faith-based institutions,
Grassroots, transgender organizations, Impacted community groups, Latino Memphis, Local officials, MICAH, National Civil Rights Museum, OM, Schools

Potential Funding Sources

  • Corporate sponsorships
  • Gilead Sciences, Inc.
  • Local foundations
  • SCHD

Estimated Funding Allocation

  • Lunch and learn (Total = $550)
  • $250, content expert facilitator
  • $300, incentives, space, material, supplies
  • Other costs (TBD)
  • $10,000 (refreshments, advertising)
    Total: $10,550


(Reported annually, locally monitored more frequently)

  • # of roundtable discussions held
  • # of participants attending
  • # of agencies that buy in and support
  • # of meetings held with stakeholders
  • # of meetings held among priority/targeted populations
  • # of different venues and mechanisms utilized

Monitoring Data Source

  • Community surveillance reports