Improve HIV prevention within the 45-55 years and older community

Pillar: Prevent
Goal: Reduce by 75% the number of new HIV diagnoses in by 2025.
Strategy: Improve HIV prevention within the 45-55 years and older community.
Target: Churches, Employees of large corporations, city and county government, Persons ages 45-55yrs of age who are sexually active or have risk factors, Primary care providers

Key Activities:

High Priority and Disruptively Innovative

  1. Introduce the target population to alternative digital resources for 45-55 year-olds (Adult Sex Ed online), Facebook livestreams.
  2. Collaborate with local male stakeholders to organize and integrate prevention education and safer sex programming specifically for diverse groups of men.
  3. Broadcast PSAs for radio and local news.
  4. Make prevention education materials available in all provider offices.
  5. Collaborate with diverse self-care providers to integrate prevention and safer sex messaging in addition to education into their programs and offerings.

Key Partners

City and county government, FFL, Hope House, Large companies (AutoZone, FedEx, IP, ServiceMaster, etc.), Primary care providers, Sapphire Sisters, SisterReach, The Old School, The Well Station, TN Alliance for Sexual Health, Velvet Lips, LLC, Women to Women

Potential Funding Sources

Estimated Funding Allocation

  • Staff skilled in HIV education-$40,000
  • Staff skilled in linkage to care-$40,000
  • Staff skilled in resource navigation-$40,000
  • Additional Supplies-$15,000 a year


Total: $135,000


(Reported annually, locally monitored more frequently)

  • # of PSAs broadcasted for HIV education
  • # of Social media live streams

Monitoring Data Source

  • SCHD epidemiological data
  • STI surveillance data
  • EMR