Implement PrEP starter kits for populations at highest risk for contracting HIV

Pillar: Prevent
Goal: Reduce by 75% HIV-related disparities and health inequities by 2025.
Strategy: Implement PrEP starter kits for populations at highest risk for contracting HIV.
Target: African Americans, Black men who have sex with men, All ages at risk, Cisgender women and men, Gay and Bisexual men, Hispanics / Latinos, Injection drug users, Populations most at risk for contracting HIV, Sero-discordant couples, Sex workers, Transgender people, Transgender women who have sex w/men, Young Black men who have sex with men

Key Activities:

High Priority and Disruptively Innovative

  1. Identify providers and resources who currently prescribe PrEP, and increase their capacity to implement same-day start.
  2. Create PrEP “pop-up” experiences at venues where those most at risk congregate (e.g., social sexual networking events, parties) within the community.
  3. Provide HIV awareness and stigma reduction education to local officials to gain support for End HIV 901 efforts.
  4. Host drop-in health fairs in impoverished areas and senior living facilities.
  5. Host a PrEP booth at World AIDS Day events.
  6. Create PrEP support groups tailored to various populations.
  7. Create an online support group for those who don’t have access to or don’t feel comfortable coming into group settings.

Key Partners

C2P, City of Memphis, Colleges & Universities, Community health educators, FQHCs, Gilead Science, H-CAP, Headliners, Medical care providers, Memphis area shelters, Memphis needle exchange programs, OM, PEAS, Inc., SCHD, Shelby County Schools, Senior living facilities, SCHD, SR, Spirit Health Clinic, TC, TDH

Potential Funding Sources

  • RWHAP State and local funding
  • Other public and private funding sources
  • H-CAP
  • HRSA
  • Gilead
  • TDH

Estimated Funding Allocation

  • PrEP starter kits = Estimated $2000 for 30 day supply
  • PrEP referral incentives and survey completion = $500
  • Pop-up shop (n=8) resources, supplies, venue, incentives = $2000
  • Training on how to start a PrEP clinic ($500 @ 4/ea.) = $2000

Total: Estimated $6500


(Reported annually, locally monitored more frequently)

  • # of PrEP starter kits distributed
  • # of agencies distributing PrEP starter kits
  • # of training attendees

Monitoring Data Source

  • Shelby County Health Department PrEP distribution data