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Offering essential public health services to promote, protect, and improve the health of all Shelby County residents.
Serenity Recovery Centers is a treatment center that offers health care services to those with alcohol, drug addiction, and co-occurring disorders.
Christ Community is the largest provider of healthcare to underserved individuals across eight locations in Shelby County.
Every Individual in Shelby County should have access to high-quality care. At Cherokee Health Systems we make our services available to anyone who needs them.
Partnership To End AIDS Status (PEAS Inc.) educates Shelby County residents about the prevention, testing, and treatment of HIV.
Choice Health Network is a medical clinic in the Shelby County area that offers residents access to medical care and a range of additional support services.
Sacred Heart Southern Missions provides a path out of poverty through housing programs, education, food pantries, HIV/AIDS care, and social services.
Walgreen's Community-Based Specialty Store offers specialized services in HIV/AIDS support to Shelby County residents.
CAAP Inc., a behavioral health provider, offers treatment and a variety of programs to residents in Shelby County with co-occuring mental health disorders.
Shelby County Health Department is committed to providing quality public health services to all Shelby County residents.
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