All Other HIV Support Services

Synergy Treatment Centers in Memphis, TN provide affordable long-term treatment for substance abuse and co-occurring disorders to Shelby County residents.
Tri State Community Health Center provides comprehensive medical and behavioral health services to Shelby County residents and surrounding areas.
Serenity Recovery Centers is a treatment center that offers health care services to those with alcohol, drug addiction, and co-occurring disorders.
Memphis VAMC offers Shelby County veterans a range of health care services ranging from mental health to substance abuse treatment.
Case Management Inc. provides mental health services to Shelby County residents. Programs and services assist in treatment and long term wellness.
Innovative Counseling is a behavioral health facility that offers assistance to those experiencing problems with substance abuse and co-occurring disorders.
The Healing Hearts Foundation is a mental health clinic in Memphis, TN that provides quality care to Shelby County residents.
Urban Family Ministries offers a range of services including support, intensive outpatient, employment development, and recovery supportive services.
Visions of Hope offers a full range of services to Shelby County residents experiencing issues with substance abuse, mental illness, and co-occuring disorders.
Integrated Addiction Care Associates provides specialized services to Shelby County residents seeking treatment for alcohol use or substance abuse disorders.
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